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Every term we will be awarding a ‘Star of the Term’ medal and certificate to the gymnast in each class that the coach feels has been working really hard, has improved, or mastered a move, or has been a great addition to the class.

Star of terms - 2023

Bar & BeamGraceYou've soared to new heights with your remarkable gymnastic skills. Congratulations on your well-deserved success!
Bar & BeamEmmy You've conquered every routine with grace and strength. Your gymnastics achievements are a testament to your unwavering commitment.
Little StarsAadyaYour accomplishments in gymnastics are a reflection of your dedication and skill. Keep tumbling toward greatness!
Little StarsEva Every routine you perform is a work of art. Your gymnastics talent is truly remarkable.
Little StarsDarcyYou've shown us what it means to be a true gymnastics champion. Your hard work and perseverance have set you apart.
Little StarsMeeraThrough flips, twists, and determination, you've achieved excellence in gymnastics. Your future holds endless possibilities.
Mini StarsThomas CYour precision and poise in gymnastics are truly impressive. Keep shining as you reach for the stars.
Mini StarsCaraYour gymnastics journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Your passion and determination inspire us all.
Rising StarsMeganYou've demonstrated a level of skill and passion in gymnastics that is second to none. Your achievements are well-deserved.
Rising StarsHarper and IvyYour gymnastics journey has been marked by success and growth. Your dedication to improvement is truly inspiring. Congratulations on your accomplishments!
SuperstarsLilliyaYour gymnastics performances have left us in awe. Your commitment to the sport is truly commendable.

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