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What is Star-Tastic Academy?

Academy was created in 2023 to house the Women's Artistic Gymnastics programme within the Star-Tastic Group.

In Summer 2023 we reorganised our Elite and Supernova classes into one succinct programme that still embodies our club ethos. "Providing fun, safe & progressive Gymnastics and Parkour classes where members of all abilities feel part of the Star-Tastic family"

Academy gymnasts train and compete in Women's Artistic Gymnastics, comprised of 4 pieces of equipment: Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Vault and Floor. Gymnasts will also train tumbling, dance skills, flexibility and conditioning during classes.

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Our classes are coached by highly qualified coaches, led by Head Coach Emily. Each coach is First Aid trained, trained in Safeguarding and are qualified through IGA. We currently have 100+ gymnasts in our Academy programme, competing in regional, national and International competitions.

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Joining Process

All Academy gymnasts must attend a trial, if accepted into Academy we also require them to attend an extended 3/4 week in-class trial, this is to ensure Academy is the correct pathway for them and that they have been placed in the correct class. Once gymnasts have passed the extended trial, we host a Registration Day to be measured for kit, gloves & loops, pay membership fees and other administration.

We hold trials at least once a year, our main trials are during Easter Holidays, after these trials we can amend our timetable to fit the gymnasts accepted into Academy. We may also hold a trial during the Autumn/Winter if we have any spaces in classes, however this is not guaranteed.

Associated Costs

Joining the Academy is a commitment for both the parents and gymnasts. All Academy gymnasts must purchase a 'mandatory kit', this includes their training leotard, competition leotard, warm up jacket and bag. As part of their Academy membership they also receive a membership t-shirt.

The cost of mandatory kit is £150.00, IGA insurance is £20.00 and Star-Tastic Academy membership is £50.00.

Academy gymnasts are expected to compete in 2 external competitions a year (new members may only compete in 1). The cost of external competitions can be between £80-£90. International competitions will be more.


Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Our Academy squads train and compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). WAG includes 4 different pieces of apparatus: Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor & Vault.

  • Floor: involves learning and competing a variety of skills including balances, leaps, jumps, spins and acrobatic skills (including flighted skills and somersaults). In competitions some gymnasts will show a sequence of floor skills in a straight line without any dance, while other gymnasts will will show fully choreographed routines to music, this will depend on their level.
  • Beam: we work on the same skills as floor (balances, leaps, jumps, spins and acrobatic skills) as well as mounts and dismounts. Skills will be trained on different beam heights to improve confidence and compete on a full height competition beam.
  • Bars: a lot of our work involves conditioning improving our strength. Bar skills include mounts, casts, circles around the bar, handstands, bar changes and dismounts.
  • Vault: our E1/2 and S1 begin working on our handstand flatback and handsprings over the block vault.We then progress these handsprings onto the table vaults, add on twists and work on Yurchenko (round off, back handspring) entries onto the vault. Our Elite 5 gymnasts work on adding somersaults to their vaults, including handspring fronts and tsukahara.

What is the difference between Supernova and Elite classes?

New Elite gymnasts (ages 4-7) will most likely enter the Academy pathway in Elite 1. We may also accept WAG gymnasts 8+ with competition experience into other Elite classes. Elite gymnasts are selected because they are expected to develop through the IGA competitions from 10 to 1.

We expect all Elite gymnasts to be available for all competitions and compete 4 pieces throughout all levels.

Supernova gymnasts are usually age 8+ and have been selected from our intermediate and advanced general gymnastics classes. Higher level supernova gymnasts may only compete on 2 or 3 pieces. Elite gymnasts may also be moved to the Supernova pathway for a variety of reasons, including if they choose to only compete on 3 pieces.

Competition Routes

The Academy Teams are competition focused classes, and therefore all Academy gymnasts must compete in all competitions offered to them.

Our Elite 1, 2 Supernova 1 and 2 gymnasts compete in IGA competitions - both their GEMS and Levels programmes.

Gymnasts in Elite 3-5 have the option to compete in International competitions as well as IGA competitions. In June 2023 we took 20 gymnasts to compete in the IAIGC World Championships in Orlando, and in December 2023 we will be taking 10 gymnasts to compete in Gymfinity's International Gymnastics League competition.

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