Every term we will be awarding a ‘Star of the Term’ medal and certificate to the gymnast in each class that the coach feels has been working really hard, has improved, or mastered a move, or has been a great addition to the class.

The ‘Star of the Term’ will be handed out in our School-Based Classes.

Name of ClassessportSessionAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons why
SchoolsMeath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsTuesday Year 1
Meath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Year 2
Meath Green Junior SchoolGymnasticsMonday General Gymnastucs
Meath Green Junior SchoolGymnasticsMonday Squad Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday General Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday Display Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday General Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Conditioning Gymnastics
St ClementsGymnastics
St ChristophersGymnasticsWednesday General Gymnastics
Charlwood Village Primary SchoolGymnasticsTuesday General Gymmastics
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursday Beginners Gymnastics
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursdays Intermediate Gymnastics
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Mixed Gymnastics
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Infant Gymnasutcs
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Junior Gymnastics
Danetree Primary SchoolParkourFriday Parkour
Eastwick Infant SchoolGymnasticsThursday Mixed Gymnastics
ReigateShining StarsWednesday 3.50pm-4.50pm
Super StarsWednesday 4.5pm-5.50pm
RoseberyBar and Beam (Beginner)GymnasticsMonday 5.15-6.15
Intermediate/Advanced ParkourParkourMonday 6.15-7.15
Beginners ParkourParkourMonday 5.15-6.15
Little StarsGymnasticsMonday 5.15-6.15
Rising StarsGymnasticsMonday 6.15-7.15
Display ClassGymnasticsTuesday 5.15-6.15
Pre-Squad Floor and VaultGymnasticsTuesday 6.15-7.15
Acro and TumblingSquadTuesday 6.15-8.15
Pre-Squad Bar and BeamSquadTuesday 5.15-6.15
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningTuesday 5.15-6.15
Beginners ParkourParkourFriday 6.15-7.15
Mini ParkourParkourFriday 5.15-6.15
Intermediate ParkourParkourFriday 7.15-8.15
Little StarsGymnasticsFriday 5.15-6.15
Rising StarsGymnasticsFriday 5.15-6.15
Shining StarsGymnasticsFriday 6.15-7.15
Super StarsGymnasticsFriday 7.15-8.15
Development SquadGymnasticsFriday 7.15-8.15
SuperSquadGymnasticsFriday 7.15-8.15
Squad TrampoliningTrampoliningFriday 6.15-7.15
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningFriday 5.15-6.15
Beginners ParkourParkourSaturday 11-12
Beginners ParkourParkourSaturday 12-1
advanced ParkourParkourSaturday 9-11
Mini StarsGymnasticsSaturday 9-10
Little StarsGymnasticsSaturday 9-10
Rising StarsGymnasticsSaturday 10-11
Shining StarsGymnasticsSaturday 10-11
Super StarsGymnasticsSaturday 11-12
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningSaturday 10-11
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningSaturday 11-12
Little StarsGymnasticsSunday 9.30-10.15
Little StarsGymnasticsSunday 10.30-11.15
Mini StarsGymnasticsSunday 9.30-10.15
Mini StarsGymnasticsSunday 10.30-11.15
Shining StarsGymnasticsSunday 11.15-12.15
Super StarsGymnasticsSunday 11.15-12.15
Mini ParkourParkourSunday 11.15-12.15
Intermediate ParkourParkourSunday 1.15-2.15
Advanced ParkourParkourSunday 1.15-2.15