Every term we will be awarding a ‘Star of the Term’ medal and certificate to the gymnast in each class that the coach feels has been working really hard, has improved, or mastered a move, or has been a great addition to the class.

The ‘Star of the Term’ will be handed out in our School-Based Classes.

Star of the Term - Summer Term 2022

 Name of ClassesSportSessionAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons why
SchoolsMeath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsTuesday Year 1Kirsty
Meath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Year 2KirstyFlorence PDid so well in the Competition & has gained more confidence this term
Meath Green Junior SchoolGymnasticsMonday General GymnasticsEmmaIsobel For always trying her hardest and never gives up!
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday General GymnasticsKirstyLucas WSuper listening and always trying hard and such a caring friend too in class.
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Squad/ Conditioning GymnasticsKirstyMollie Rexcellent attitude and always keen to learn more
Eastwick Infant SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Mixed GymnasticsLibertyCharlotte
St ClementsGymnasticsNyeshaJack and CaitlinJack - For having fantastic listening this term and for trying really hard

Caitlin - being a ray of sunshine in the classes. For working hard and helping the younger gymnasts
St ChristophersGymnasticsWednesday General GymnasticsNyeshaMax and AryaMax - Improving behaviour from last term and for improving his skills and always listening

Arya - being the only one who is did the competition! Has improved and is a pleasure to teach
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursday Beginners GymnasticsNyeshaAdahuyt / Millie A - For working hard and for improving significantly since the beginning of the term

M - for improving confidence and skills (especially handstands) this term and for always working really hard
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursdays Intermediate GymnasticsNyeshaLillie-AnneFor always working exceptionally hard and doing her best in every session. For always smiling and being supportive of everyone in the class
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Mixed GymnasticsLibertySophie K
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Infant GymnasticsNyeshaAelishfor improving confidence and for being such a superstar! She always tries hard and has just done so well this term
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Junior GymnasticsNyesha / Caroline Renea / Emily Renee - Working hard and being supportive of the younger gymnasts and being really kind to everyone

Emily shy in class but is becoming more confident in her gymnast and has vastly improved this term
Danetree Primary SchoolParkourFriday ParkourLibertyCatherine
Eastwick Junior SchoolGymnasticsThursday Mixed GymnasticsLibertyFleur
Eastwick Infant SchoolGymnastics Monday Mixed GymnasticsLibertyBrady H

Previous Stars of the Term

Spring 2022

 Name of ClassesSportSessionAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons why
SchoolsMeath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsTuesday Year 1KirstyBethany CWorking hard, listening and always pushing herself
Meath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Year 2KirstyJed WOnly recently joined and as completed 2 badges in a very short space of time,works hard and has excellent concentration
Meath Green Junior SchoolGymnasticsMonday General GymnasticsKirstyJasmine B
Meath Green Junior SchoolGymnasticsMonday Squad Gymnastics Kirsty Ollie R
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday General Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday Display Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday Squad Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday General Gymnastics
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Squad/ Conditioning Gymnastics
St ClementsGymnasticsNyesha Maya A& Gabriella AMaya, being on badge 7! For trying hard in every session and for always being helpful and polite.
Gabriella, for participating in the showcase and always wanting to try harder skills! She works really hard and is always smiling.
St ChristophersGymnasticsWednesday General GymnasticsNyeshaTadao W & Yasmin MTadao works so hard every session and always listening. He is very helpful and has beautiful shapes! He’s a real pleasure to teach.

Yasmin, the only one in the group on badge 7! Even with the reduced equipment she managed to pass. She works really hard.
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursday Beginners GymnasticsNyeshaAmelia R For being really kind, supportive of other gymnasts and for always trying her hardest. She is always very smiley and polite and is a pleasure to coach
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursdays Intermediate GymnasticsNyeshaLolaFor trying really hard and for improving over the last time. She is always up for trying new things and is always happy and bubbly
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Mixed GymnasticsLibertyChitz
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Infant GymnasticsNyesha Rory Rory was for being the only boy in the whole class and not ever complaining. He is always very polite and tries really really hard every week! He has made good progress with his handstands too
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Junior GymnasticsIsla
Danetree Primary SchoolParkourFriday Parkour Renae
Eastwick Infant SchoolGymnasticsThursday Mixed GymnasticsLibertyYeva
Eastwick Infant SchoolGymnastics Monday Mixed GymnasticsLibertyCharlotte
Rising StarsGymnastics Saturday 9.30am-10.30am

Autumn/Winter 2021

 Name of ClassesSportSessionAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons why
SchoolsMeath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsTuesday Year 1KirstyMillie SShe is always listening and smiling and has some really super gymnastics skills!
Meath Green Infant SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Year 2KirstyEmily A Trying hard in class every week.
Meath Green Junior SchoolGymnasticsMonday General GymnasticsKirstyAmelie L-CFor trying extra hard and always smiling.
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday General GymnasticsRuby Maya HAlways smiling and works hard
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday Display GymnasticsRubyEloise JWell done in assisting with moves for the dance routine
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsMonday Squad GymnasticsRuby Pearl CHard working and always willing to try something new
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday General GymnasticsRubyEsther HWorks really hard on her new skills
Reigate Priory SchoolGymnasticsWednesday Squad/ Conditioning GymnasticsRubyBetty KAlways pushing herself to learn new skills
St ClementsGymnasticsAlicia / LibertySophiaFor always listening and best behaviour
St ChristophersGymnasticsWednesday General GymnasticsAlicia / LibertyBlake Y and Margot PFor always listening and best behaviour
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursday Beginners GymnasticsAlicia / RubyEllieShe has the best attitude and is always encouraging others in the class.
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsThursdays Intermediate GymnasticsAlicia / RubyMollieShe has made massive improvements this term.
Southfield Park Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Mixed GymnasticsLibby and Alicia. CharlotteFor trying really hard and always being really helpful and kind
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Infant GymnasticsAliciaDarcie SAlways smiling and works so hard in class
Danetree Primary SchoolGymnasticsFriday Junior GymnasticsAliciaPiper CWorking extremely well in class and had passed badge 7 this term!
Danetree Primary SchoolParkourFriday ParkourLibertyMax K Good listening in class and working hard in class
Eastwick Infant SchoolGymnasticsThursday Mixed Gymnastics
ReigateShining StarsWednesday 3.50pm-4.50pmKirstyRuby FShe has worked really hard and got more confident and gained lots more skills
Super StarsWednesday 4.50pm-5.50pmKirstyHolly WShe is always keen to learn and ask lots of questions and this means she is improving very well
RoseberyBar and Beam (Beginner)GymnasticsMonday 5.15-6.15
Intermediate/Advanced ParkourParkourMonday 6.15-7.15
Beginners ParkourParkourMonday 5.15-6.15
Little StarsGymnasticsMonday 5.15-6.15LibertyIzzy G
Rising StarsGymnasticsMonday 6.15-7.15LibertyIsabella F
Squad Bar & BeamGymnasticsMonday 6.30-7.45Emily Izzie C Izzie is always wanting to learn new skills, she is always such a bubbly member of the class and has been putting in a lot of work this term to improve and gain lots of new skills!
Squad Floor and Vault GymnasticsMonday 5.15-6.30Emily Bea T She has been working super hard since joining the class in September, improving her floor skills and handsprings over the table vault!
Display ClassGymnasticsTuesday 5.15-6.15LibertyJessica H
Pre-Squad Floor and VaultGymnasticsTuesday 6.15-7.15LibertyKui
4 PieceGymnastics TuesdayEmilyPennyPenny has been putting in so much effort this term, she’s gained so much confidence on all 4 pieces, which has helped her gain lots of new moves including her circle up on bars and handspring over the table vault!
Acro and TumblingSquadTuesday 6.15-8.15RubyAnnabelleShe is committed and has really improved this term.
Pre-Squad Bar and BeamSquadTuesday 5.15-6.15
Beginners ParkourParkourFriday 6.15-7.15
Mini ParkourParkourFriday 5.15-6.15
Intermediate ParkourParkourFriday 7.15-8.15
Little StarsGymnasticsFriday 5.15-6.15FionaAshley
Rising StarsGymnasticsFriday 5.15-6.15KirstyHarriet RExcellent behaviour, always eager to move up badges and kind to everyone
Shining StarsGymnasticsFriday 6.15-7.15FionaPhoebe
Super StarsGymnasticsFriday 7.15-8.15FionaRuby
Development SquadGymnasticsFriday 7.15-8.15KirstyLottie CShe has a good attitude and always smiling!
SuperSquadGymnasticsFriday 7.15-8.15
Squad TrampoliningTrampoliningFriday 6.15-7.15
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningFriday 5.15-6.15KirstySukieFor great attitude always smiling and trying har best
Beginners ParkourParkourSaturday 11-12
Beginners ParkourParkourSaturday 12-1
Advanced ParkourParkourSaturday 9-11
Mini StarsGymnasticsSaturday 9-10Liberty Celine / ClaraAlways super smiley and tries so hard! / Being super polite, always wants to push herself, always says goodbye at the door and goes around helping other gymnasts
Little StarsGymnasticsSaturday 9-10Jane Alice CFor always trying really hard and for getting her forwards roll
Rising StarsGymnasticsSaturday 10-11LibertyMatildaAlways listens and tries to improve on feedback. Has done so well this term!
Shining StarsGymnasticsSaturday 10-11JaneLottie V For trying really hard and always being kind to others
Super StarsGymnasticsSaturday 11-12
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningSaturday 10-11
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningSaturday 11-12
Pre-Elite SquadGymnasticsSaturdayEmily/LibbyStella JShe has worked so hard this term, listening and applying feedback wherever she can which has helped her to gain lots of skills on all 4 pieces including her handspring over table vault!
Elite SquadGymnasticsSaturdayEmilyAmelie H-SShe is such a positive member of the team and has put so much effort in this term, joining additional classes which have helped her achieve so many new skills. She also competed in Milton Keynes last weekend and did amazingly, scoring a medal on Bars & Beam!!
Elite+ SquadGymnasticsSaturdayEmily The whole class!Lawrence and I spent hours trying to decide who to give Star of the Term to in this class. Every single gymnast has exceeded our expectations this year despite the fact we spent the first 3 months in zoom classes! Since returning from lockdown they have all put in so much work to gain new skills, improve their moves and upgrade their routines. They have all become so much confident on all 4 pieces, have done extra conditioning and flexibility at home and are an amazing team to teach! It only felt right there we celebrate each of them, and made them all Star of the Terms!
Little StarsGymnasticsSunday 9.30-10.15
Little StarsGymnasticsSunday 10.30-11.15
Mini StarsGymnasticsSunday 9.30-10.15GeorgieMiaGreat listening and concentration
Mini StarsGymnasticsSunday 10.30-11.15
Shining StarsGymnasticsSunday 11.15-12.15GeorgieHarmonyAlways working hard and having confidence to Try new skills 🙂
Super StarsGymnasticsSunday 11.15-12.15JaneMilly DFor getting lots of new skills this term and for being such a positive member of the class
Mini ParkourParkourSunday 11.15-12.15
Intermediate ParkourParkourSunday 1.15-2.15
Advanced ParkourParkourSunday 1.15-2.15
Tadworth Little StarsGymnasticsMonday 4-5GeorgieAmelia Works really hard , and is always willing to try and learn new skills.
Rising StarsGymnastics Monday 5-6GeorgieLevi-RoseWorks really hard , and is always willing to try and learn new skills.
Little StarsGymnastics Tuesday 4-5
Shining StarsGymnastics Tuesday 5-6GeorgieAmeliaShe works hard every lesson and has come such a long way with her skills this term
Super StarsGymnastics Tuesday 4-5GeorgieHaideeshe's being trying a lot harder recently and has gained a lot more skills and listens well and is more focused
Development SquadGymnastics Tuesday 5-6KirstyGeorgia and Emmy They are always trying hard always smiling and did super well in the competition recently.
Bar and Beam for All Gymnastics Wednesday 4.30pm-6pmGeorgieAnnabel CFor working so hard on these two pieces of equipment.
Boys Gymnastics Gymnastics Wednesday 4-5GeorgieFreddie PHis confidence is growing and he is trying new skills and always working hard.
Boys Gymnastics Gymnastics Wednesday 5-6GeorgieJasper WHe has learnt so much this term and is always up for trying something new.
Mini StarsGymnastics WednesdayGeorgieJude and Savannah
Mini StarsGymnastics Saturday 8.45am-9.30amKirstyIvy DAlways smiling and try really hard.
Rising StarsGymnastics Saturday 9.30am-10.30amKirstyElizabeth HShe is hard working, always smiling and has become more confident.
Shining StarsGymnastics Saturday 10.30am-11.30amKirstyAmelia BAlways tries really hard and always smiling