Every term we will be awarding a ‘Star of the Term’ medal and certificate to the gymnast in each class that the coach feels has been working really hard, has improved, or mastered a move, or has been a great addition to the class.

Star of the Term - Summer 2023

Name of ClassesClubAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons
Little starsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)NadyneAmber DFor always trying her best and an absolute pleasure to teach.
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)NadyneEstella EFor having such a great attitude to learning and for lovely improvements within skills.
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)NadyneCharlotte RAlways trying her best, pushing herself to achieve her moves and skills
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyMila Band has been super brave in class.
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)PhoebeSofia
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyIvy
SuperSquadStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)FionaSophie Cshowing lots of improvement and positive attitude to trying different things
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)Jane
Stasialways putting in full effort and making lots of improvement on bars and beam
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)JanePhoebe
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)FionaMegan S
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)FionaEldie T
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)JasLive T
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)Izzie CFlorencealways trying to improve, always happy to be here and for growing in confidence
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)Izzie CDakotaimproving so much on all her gymnastics skills and growing in confidence
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)FionaLois
Little Stars +Star-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)NadyneApril
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)KirstyLeah
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)FionaPhoebe
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)KirstyJemima
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)Sophie J/ Izzie CAmelia B
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)GeorgieSummer
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)EmmaMargo
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)GeorgieFlorence
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)EmmaMila and Aurelia
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)EmmaLyra
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)GeorgieGrace
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)PhoebeIsabella
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyEmma
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyRuby K
Boys GymnasticsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)NadyneJacob
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyIsla and Maisie
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyCillian
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)JasDylan
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)KirstyTilly
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)JasCara
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)JasHarper
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Horley)KirstyEdie
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Horley)KirstyAnnalise and Ayra
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Horley)KirstyThea
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Horley)KirstyJoyce
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)NadyneAniya
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Tadworth)NadyneSky
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)NadyneEmily
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)NadyneIvy
Elite 1Star-Tastic Gymnastics AcademyEmily/Liberty/NyeshaImogen
Elite 2
Star-Tastic Gymnastics AcademyEmily/Liberty/NyeshaEvie
Elite 3Star-Tastic Gymnastics AcademyEmily/Liberty/NyeshaCatherine
Elite 4Star-Tastic Gymnastics AcademyEmily/Liberty/NyeshaSuzanna
Shooting StarStar-Tastic Gymnastics (Rosebery)Izzie CAbigail for always trying her best to improve especially her cartwheels and vault.

Star of the Term - Previous Terms

Spring Term 2023

Name of ClassesClubAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons why
Star-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstySophia Brilliant attitude and gives everything a go no matter what
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthMargotReally improved on her cartwheels on the beam and giving everything a go
Star-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyKonstantinaStill new but has given everything a go and is always super smiley
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthNadyneFreyaSuper attitude to learning, Trying each and every move
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthNadyneElleWorking really Hard building confidence on all pieces of equipment
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthNadyneMiaFor working extremely hard in every class, Bringing great attitude and enthusiasm to her learning
SupersquadStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGraceRuby
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyAva
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyJasNaz
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyJasAnisa
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyJasLivvy.
Star-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyZayn
Star-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyBernice
Boys GymnasticsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthNadyneTadeoAlways listening to feedback and then implementing into his work
Litte StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthJasMika
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthJasLottie
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthJasAva
Shining SarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthJasIsabella
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGeorgieOscar
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGeorgieAnna
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGeorgieEvie
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyLibertyEmma
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyLibertyImogen
Superstars PlusStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyLibertyMadeline
Elite 1Star-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyEmily/LibertyImogen
Elite 2Star-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyEmily/LibertyEvie
Elite 3 Star-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyEmily/LibertyCatherine
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGeorgiaOlivia DFor her amazing attitude and determination
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGeorgiaAnnabelAlways smiling and trying her absolute best
Elite 4Star-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyEmily/LibertySusannaDetermination in class and for working through her mental blocks
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyGeorgiaKittyAlways giving 100% and progressing well this term
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyNyeshaLivGreat improvement in floor skills
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyNyeshaMyaFor moving up a class and really getting involved
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyBrooke
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyFlorence
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyTilly
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthKirstyEmily
Mini StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyNyeshaHarryFor being more confident and independent
Mini Stars PlusStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyNyeshaCharlottebecoming more independent
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyJaneSkylar
Little StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics RoseberyJaneIndia
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery EmmaOlivia
Star-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery NadyneEvie
Rising StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery KirstyAthena
Star-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery KirstyAva
Star-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery NadyneElla
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery IzzieAnnabel
Shooting StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery IzzieArianaalways being so happy and enthusiastic and for always trying her best even if she is scared
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery FionaHarrietgreat attitude, always tries hard
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery FionaKaralways works hard, confidence improving, great attitude
Little starsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery FionaOliviaalways smiling, gives everything a go and always tries her best
Shining StarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery ShannonNiamhoutstanding improvement, commitments and courage shown consistently through training. Always supporting her friends in class too
SuperstarsStar-Tastic Gymnastics Rosebery ShannonHarmonydisplaying commitment and consistently reaching her targets within training. Always giving 100% effort
Bar and BeamStar-Tastic Gymnastics TadworthNadyneSkyWorking really hard on her techniques and moves

Autumn Term 2022

Name of ClassesSportSessionAwarding CoachName of GymnastReasons why
Mini ParkourPowerhouse ParkourRoseberyHenryArthur
Mini ParkourPowerhouse ParkourRoseberyHenryLogan
Supernova SquadGymnasticsRosebery/TadworthKirstyMyleeHas progressed so much and always keen to try new moves.
Supernova SquadGymnasticsRosebery/TadworthKirstyZaraHard working focused and enthusiastic gymnast
Beginners ParkourPowerhouse ParkourRoseberyHenryAvery
Rising StarsGymnasticsTadworthKirstyScarlettAlways keen to try new moves and confidence has really progressed
Bar and BeamGymnastics TadworthKirstyAmayahard working always keen to give everything a go
Bar and BeamGymnastics TadworthKirstyJasminAmazing progression always trying hard and keen to learn new moves
Little StarsGymnasticsTadworthShannonJosie
Rising StarsGymnasticsTadworthShannonMaisie
Beginner ParkourPowerhouse ParkourTadworthLibertyJoele always comes with amazing attitude towards lessons, great behaviour and constantly pushes himself to gain new skills
Supernova SquadGymnasticsTadworthLibertyRoseliaShe has improved so much! Not only with gymnastics but with her confidence.
Elite 1GymnasticsTadworthLibertyTilly-LouiseShe is a hard worker with amazing energy and great attitude towards gymnastics
Shining StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaTalluhlah-pearl
Little StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaAllegra
Rising StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaRia
Little StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaReggie
Rising StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaIsla
Shining StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaOlivia
Shooting StarsGymnasticsHorleyEmmaPhoebe
Mini ParkourPowerhouse ParkourRoseberyHarryMost improved and great listening skill
Beginners ParkourPowerhouse ParkourRoseberyEliasmost improved and great listening
Advanced ParkourPowerhouse ParkourRoseberyLawrence RubenGeneral progression on all elements and great attitude to learning
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningRoseberyIzzy BRosiealways persevering with moves after trying to do the same moves for months and finally achieving them
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningRoseberyIzzy BTheoimproving so much going through almost all of the badges while also being really nice to the younger trampolinists
Mixed TrampoliningTrampoliningRoseberyIzzy BTimmy for always wanting to know what he can do next and improve on while also being a joy to teach and so kind to everyone
Little Stars GymnasticsTadworthJasmineIsabella
Rising StarsGymnasticsTadworthJasmineSophie
Rising StarsGymnasticsTadworthJasmineLauren
Shining StarsGymnasticsTadworthJasminePearl
Mixed Bar and Beam GymnasticsTadworthJasmineElizabeth
Mixed Bar and Beam GymnasticsTadworthJasmineSparkle
Squad trampoliningTrampoliningRoseberyKirstyAmberpassing all her silver badges and her hard work
Mini StarsGymnasticsTadworthKirstyAurelia Works super hard and has come on so well and has so much confidence and gives everything a go
Shining StarsGymnastics RoseberyGeorgieDaisy
Mini ParkourPowerhouse ParkourTadworthElijah
Little StarsGymnastics RoseberyAubrey
Rising StarsGymnastics RoseberyFearne
Super StarsGymnastics RoseberyFiona
DarceyGreat attitude and her confidence has improved amazingly
Shooting StarsGymnastics RoseberyFionaIslaalways working hard, always listens to coaches
Little StarsGymnastics RoseberyFionaFaithAlways works really hard, and did amazing in the competition
Shining StarsGymnasticsRoseberyLibertyMiaWorks so hard towards every move. She’s super smiley and never gives up!
SupersquadGymnasticsRoseberyLibertyHarmonyShe works so hard and has achieved many tricky skills, especially on bars!
Rising StarsGymnasticsRoseberyKirstyGraceAwesome work and great attitude towards learning