At Star-Tastic Gymnastics we have developed a  proficiency programme, which provides a safe, structured and progressive journey along which our members will see and enjoy continuous development in both gymnastics and trampolining. These awards also recognise their progress.

Each Level: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire is split into 3 sub-levels. A certificate is available for the achievement of each sublevel. Our Proficiency Awards are also linked to our class structure and so will help us to ensure that your gymnasts are moved up to the next level in a timely manner when they can achieve the moves needed.

We will be uploading some wall charts for each level that will be available for you to download as well as some handy homework sheets and videos.

If you head over to our YouTube Video you can see many videos showing you the correct way to complete certain moves for our badge work

Please note:

  • These wall charts are for reference only and none of the skills should be attempted without qualified tuition and supervision.
  • These are a framework of benchmark skills, with many other progressions and additional moves that will be taught along the way.

Homework Sheets for Gymnastics