Star-Tastic Gymnastics holds 3 sets of friendly competitions per year.

We welcome all ages and abilities to compete, and are a great way to introduce your children to friendly competitions!

Previously, we have held competitions on the following pieces of equipment:

  • Floor
  • Vault
  • Beam
  • Springboard
  • Trampette
  • Tumbling
  • Acro
  • Parkour (speed runs)
  • Trampolining
  • Women’s Artistic 4 Piece (Squad only)

Competition groups are based on ability first, groups are then sub-divided based on age. Grouped ages will depend on number of gymnasts competing, we generally try to group gymnasts in 2 year age groups, however this is not always guaranteed. We present bronze, silver & gold medals and all gymnasts receive a participation certificate for doing so well.

We often have other activities present at our competitions, such as a snack stand, a raffle, games and more!

We feel our friendly competitions often give our members an important and fun goal to work towards. This was amplified even more this year and we managed to hold 2 competitions during the pandemic; a virtual competition which we worked towards on Zoom and an in-class beam competition just before December.  All our gymnasts did so well in these competitions and gave them a great focus during this difficult year!

Due to COVID-19, we cannot estimate when our next in-person competition will be, however as soon as we can safely organise one we will let you know.

Local gymnastics clubs are welcome to attend our competitions! If you’re interested in your club attending please email us (

Upcoming Competitions

Information on our upcoming competitions.

Beam and Vault Competition

What: Beam and Vault Competition

When: Sunday 28th November

Provisional Times:

  • Reception – Year 2: 14:45 – 16:15pm
  • Year 3 and up: 16:30 – 18:30pm

Where: Rosebery School, Epsom.

Cost: Beam or Vault = £10, Beam & Vault = £15

Clothing: Star-Tastic leotard or T-shirt and shorts.

Each beam routine will be judged out of 10.00, gymnasts will be only competing against those in the same category. Categories may be sub-divided by age. We are limiting the number of entries, therefore please enter as soon as you can using the link:








Step onto beam

Squat on (from the end)

Squat/straddle on (from the side)

Free leap on

Free choice (mounts deemed ‘too easy’ for level 5 will be deducted)


1-foot balance (bent knee)

1-foot balance (straight leg)


Y balance or arabesque (leg above horizontal)

Handstand / handstand splits 3 second hold


Straight jump

Tuck jump

Straight jump, tuck jump (connected)


2 jump series


Front support

Front support, jump to squat

V-Sit (no hands)

Cartwheel or cartwheel to handstand

Walkover OR free roll OR handstand forward roll


1⁄2 turn on toes

1⁄2 spin crouched

1⁄2 spin

1⁄2 spin OR 1⁄2 Wolf turn

1/1 spin



Cat leap

Split leap

Split leap, cat leap

Split leap (180’ split) OR cat leap 1⁄2 turn


Bunny hop

3 bunny hops (moving forward)

Forward roll to straddle sit

Walkover OR freeroll

Flighted acro move (round off, dive roll, flic, etc)


Any jump to land

Cartwheel 1⁄4 turn in

Round off or handspring

Handspring, free round off or somersault

Somersault dismount (0.4 bonus if connected to previous acro skill)

Beam Rules

★ Gymnasts must begin by presenting to the judges (0.2 deductions if not),
★ The routine will be considered to start when the gymnast touches the beam (time will begin),
★ Gymnast should finish their routine by presenting to the judges,
★ Additional 1/2 turns are permitted as links,
★ Linking moves are permitted between the skills,
★ A fall from the beam will cost a 0.5 deduction, but will not terminate the routine, after 3 falls no more deductions will not be made.



★ Squat on, straight jump off (SV = 10.0)

★ Squat on, tuck jump off (SV = 10.25)

★ Squat on, star jump off (SV = 10.25)

★ Squat on, straddle jump off (SV = 10.5)

★ Squat on, pike jump off (SV = 10.5


★ Squat on, forward roll off (SV = 10.0)

★ Forward roll straight on (SV = 10.25)

★ Squat through (SV = 10.5)

★ Straddle over (SV = 10.5)


★ Handspring flat back (SV = 10.0)

★ Handspring (SV = 10.25)


★ Handspring (SV = 10.0)

★ Handspring 1⁄2 on (SV = 10.25)

★ Handspring 1⁄2 off (SV = 11.5)

★ Handspring 1/1 off (SV = 10.75)

★ Yurchenko prep to floor (SV = 11.0)

★ Yurchenko / Handspring / Tsukahara timer (SV = 11.5)


★ Gymnasts will have two vault runs (this can be either the same vault twice, or two different vaults once. Their highest scoring vault (average of both judges) will be their final score.

★ The height of the vaulting table must be above the gymnast’s hip height, otherwise, a penalty (1.0 ) will be applied.

★ Further deductions may be applied:

  • Any physical assistance from a coach will incur a 3.0 point deduction.
  • A fall or hands down after a landing (which will be considered a fall) will incur a 1.0 point deduction. Please use the registration link to see beam rules.

Parkour and Trampolining Competition

What: Trampolining Competition

When: Saturday 27th November

Provisional Times: 4:15pm – 6:15pm

Where: Rosebery School, Epsom.

Clothing: Star-Tastic leotard or t-shirt and shorts.

Cost: £10

Trampoline Routines

★ Level A: Star jump, seat drop to feet, tuck jump, 1⁄2 twist jump, straight jump, stop.

★ Level B: Straddle jump, seat drop to feet, tuck jump, 1⁄2 twist jump, pike jump, seat drop 1⁄2 twist to feet, straight jump, stop.

★ Level C: Front drop to feet, tuck jump, ⁄2 twist jump, straddle jump, seat drop to feet, pike jump, full twist jump, straight jump, stop.

★ Level D: Front drop to feet, straddle jump, 1⁄2 twist jump, seat drop 1⁄2 twist to seat drop, 1⁄2 twist to feet, tuck jump, pike jump, full twist jump, stop.

★ Level E: Front drop to feet, straddle jump, 1⁄2 twist jump, seat drop, 1⁄2 twist to feet, tuck jump pike jump, backdrop 1⁄2 twist to feet.

★  Level F: Full twist jump, straddle jump, seat drop 1⁄2 twist to seat drop, 1⁄2 twist to feet, pike jump, backdrop, 1⁄2 twist to feet, tuck jump, front somersault.


What: Parkour Competition

When: Saturday 27th November

Provisional Times: 4:15pm – 6:15pm

Where: Rosebery School, Epsom.

Clothing: Star-Tastic t-shirt and suitable trousers/shorts

Cost: £10

Parkour chase tag is a game of cat and mouse where the chaser must catch his opponent (the runner) and tag them. This

can be anywhere on the body as long as the body is tagged (clothing does not count).

The chaser will have a set time to catch his opponent. What makes this interesting is they must battle it out on a Parkour course. The course will be built with multiple levels and platforms to use as an evasion for the runner to getaway. Using their Parkour skills to outwit and evade their opponent.

If the runner manages to evade the chaser, they must stay on for the next round to begin against a new opponent, exhaustion now being an additional obstacle they must overcome.

This is a high-intensity, high-energy challenge. Do you have what it takes to be the champ? 🏃