Coaching Qualifications:

Additional Qualifications: 

  • Manual Handling 
  • Fire Training
  • DBS Check

How long have you been at Star-Tastic? Since 2014 as gymnasts and I have been coaching since 2020.
What do you like about your role?  Having a background in gymnastics and previously being in the position of the children I coach, I like how there’s a possibility I can inspire some of them. Also, I like coaching them in a similar way to how I was taught, which made me enjoy gymnastics even more.
What do you like about Star-Tastic? The genuine support the coaches have for every individual who trains there is so noticeable. Also, the main thing I realised when first joining was the friendly environment and the relationships between coaches and gymnasts. It makes training so much more enjoyable as you’re able to have fun whilst working towards goals and pushing yourself.
What’s your favourite move? Layouts