Coaching Qualifications:
1st4Sport – Level 2 certification in the principles and preparations of coaching sport.
Level 3 Pilates Coach

Additional Qualifications:

How long have you been at Star-Tastic? 1 and half years!

What do you like about your role? I love being in an open and welcoming space where young people can overcome their fears through skill development! It’s amazing to see the physical progression of those I teach at Startastic and how their enjoyment of it becomes a huge factor within that!

What do you like about Star-Tastic? It’s a super friendly environment and therefore I feel instantly welcomed and more encouraged to learn through genuine enjoyment!

What’s your favourite move? My favourite move is a Kong vault/ Squat over – I love understanding and teaching the coordination between feet take off and arm power to create a move that can launch the body across a space.