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What is Star-Tastic Gymnastics Academy?

Star-Tastic Academy was formed in 2022 to house the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics programme within the Star-Tastic Group.  Starting in 2023, we will be able to revamp our Elite and Supernova classes into one succinct programme that still embodies our club ethos.

Our Elite & Supernova squads train and compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG).

WAG includes 4 different pieces of apparatus: Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor & Vault.

The floor includes dance skills, such as leaps, spins and jumps, as well as balances, acrobatic skills and tumbles.
Gymnasts will train and compete in different skills depending on their development level.

Our Elite 1 and Supernova 1 gymnasts will focus on perfecting the basics such as; cartwheels, walkovers, round-offs, spins, split leaps, balances and flexibility elements. As gymnasts progress through competition levels they will add more difficult skills into their training and routines, such as back flics, handsprings, and somersaults. Dance elements also become more complex with split change leaps, double spins and harder jump combinations. At the highest level, our Elite 5 gymnasts train and compete in multiple somersault tumbles, twisting and double somersaults.

On Beam, we work a number of the same skills as the floor but on a 4-inch by 5 meters beam high up from the floor!  Our Elite 1 and Supernova 1 gymnasts will on confidence on the beam, training and competing on a piece of apparatus that is the same height as you takes a lot of work!  They will then begin jumping and leaping on the beam, perfecting split leaps, straight jumps and shaped jumps.  Gymnasts will then progress to different acrobatic skills on the beam such as cartwheels, walkovers and rolls.As levels increase so do the complexity of our skills training on the beam, Elite 4 and 5 gymnasts work on flighted acrobatic skills including back flics, free cartwheels and somersaults as well as difficult jump and leap connections.

On Bars Elite 1 and Supernova 1, gymnasts start by working on lots of handstand shaping, developing fast and powerful run techniques and how to land the perfect vault.
From here, gymnasts will learn handspring flatbacks, and handsprings over blocks and vaults before starting to twist in and out of handsprings.  Our Elite 3 gymnasts begin working on Yurchenkos, including precision round-offs onto the springboard and developing a fast flic over the vault. In Elite 5 our gymnasts begin prepping to ‘turn’ vaults, this includes impressive Yurchenko somersaults, Tsukharas and handspring front vaults.

Our Elite 1 and Supernova 1 gymnasts will first work on a lot of strength elements, being able to pull up to the bar is crucial on Uneven Bars so a lot of work will go into improving the upper body and core strength. After this we begin work on our basics such as strong hollow casts, circling around the bars and undershoot dismounts.
From this, we work on low-bar to high-bar transitions such as upstarts and baby-giants as well as dismounts from the high bar.Our higher level gymnasts will also train and compete in harder skills such as sole circles, clear hips, flyaway dismounts, giants, extending all the way to upstart to handstands, clear hip or sole circle to handstand, release and catch elements and twisting dismounts.

What is the difference between Elite & Supernova?

New elite gymnasts will most likely enter the pathway in elite 1, from age 4.

Gymnasts must attend an assessment before being invited to an elite class.

Elite gymnasts then attend a minimum 4-week trial to ensure this is the right class for them and also elite gymnasts are expected to compete at all available competitions & compete 4 piece

However, our Supernova gymnasts are selected from our intermediate or advanced general classes.

Higher-level supernova gymnasts may only compete on 2 or 3 pieces. Elite gymnasts may also move to the supernova pathway if they choose to compete on less than 4 pieces.

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Coaching Qualifications:

  • British Gymnastics General Gymnastics Level 1
  • British Gymnastics General Gymnastics Level 2
  • UK Gymnastics Association Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 3
  • British Gymnastics Disability Awareness Level 2 Add-On Module
  • IGA Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 4 Coach
  • Qualified IGA and USAIGC Judge

Additional Qualifications:

  • Paediatric First Aid Qualified
  • Safeguarding Level 1
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Fire Training
  • Moving & Handling Equipment

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